Lilac Festival

- What are the hours of the Lilac Festival?
Saturdays 10 am – 5 pm; Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm. April 20 through May 12.

- Can I purchase individual activities?
We currently only sell activities in a package, and do not offer single activity purchases. We know you will have fun with the activities in the package! Please check our Yelp reviews for reference.
The exception to this is the Fairy & Dino Garden Making activity that is available for purchase on site.

- Can I show up to participate in the activities that I’ve purchased anytime throughout the day?
For the Adventure Package, yes, starting at noon both Saturdays and Sunday.
For the Festival Package we have appointment start times available by reservation. You will be lead on a guided tour as a group. Please arrive on time, as you may miss out on some of the activities if you are late.

- Do I need to purchase activities online or can I show up and purchase activities when I arrive?
If there are any tickets available for a particular time slot, you are welcome to purchase upon arrival. But it is strongly recommended to purchase ahead of time to guarantee your spot. If we sell out of online tickets ahead of time, we will fully staff every station so that walk-in activity packages will be available. Everyone that purchases online will be given priority for the Festival Package activities.

- How long will it take to complete the activities in each package?
The Festival Package will take approximately 2 and half hours to complete. 
The Adventure Package usually take about 45 minutes. But as the archery and tomahawk throwing are offered as unlimited, the time it takes varies depending on how long you want to do it.

- Do I have to pay for activities if I just want to see the lilacs and walk around?
No, you are welcome to enjoy the property at no cost. There are several free activities throughout the property that you can do during the Lilac Festival at any time.

- Will lilacs be available for purchase?
Yes, lilacs will be available for purchase 7 days a week for as long as they are in bloom. If you plan to purchase before 9 am or after 4 pm during the week, please let us know by calling or texting 951-847-1904.
We cannot guarantee that lilacs will be available every day of the Lilac Festival, as agriculture is difficult to predict.

- Can I purchase activities for my kids and let them do them by themselves?
Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult in order to participate in the activity packages. Parental supervision is extremely important at all times.

- I have young children, do I have to pay for them?
Children 3 years old and younger are free to accompany a paying adult. Up to 2 children are allowed for free per adult. This will give them access into the petting zoo, reptile show, hoedown, and hayride. Although the candle dipping and vase painting would not be included for them, the parent will usually allow their accompanying child to take their place for those activities.

- Are the activities only for kids?
Definitely not! The Festival Activity Package is intended for all ages. The Adventure Package (archery, tomahawk throwing, slingshots) is intended for anyone able to operate and hold the equipment properly; usually older kids and adults.

- Is the property wheelchair accessible?
There are no stairs to hinder a wheelchair, however there are some inclines throughout the property with rugged terrain that may be difficult for a wheelchair to get through.

- Are dogs allowed?
Woohoo yes! We love puppies of all ages. You already know they need to be on a leash, but please feel free to bring them! Except in the petting zoo… Please do not bring them in there (duh).

- Why did you change from walk-in activities during previous events to reservations by appointment?
We are a small business run by mostly by a husband and wife team. During slow days, it is not economical for us to fully staff every station as we did in the past. If tickets sell out ahead of time, we will open the day up for walk-ins with every station staffed. Everyone that prepays for tickets and arrives on time will be given priority for activity packages. This is an experiment to help prevent over-staffing. Please bear with us as we try something new that we hope will help things run smoother for everyone!

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