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Lilac Bouquet Care Instructions

To give your lilac flowers the longest vase life, please follow these instructions:

- Keep away from heat.

- Make sure to clean the vase every day and replace with fresh cold water each time.
- Every few days, or when the flowers start looking "sad", we like to do the "Snip n' Smash" method. 
     - With clean scissors, make a diagonal cut through, about an inch from the bottom of the stem.
     - Smash the ends with a clean mallet or hammer OR make vertical slits up the stem, about an inch.
        The stem of the lilac is sometimes very thick, like roses, so the fibers need to be broken down in 
        a way that allows the water and nutrients to make their way up the stem where it's needed. 
- Some people like to add a teaspoon of white vinegar and a tablespoon of white
        sugar each day when the water is changed out in a large vase. This is suppose to allow a few                days between changing out the water. Please feel free to do your own research and apply this              method at your discretion.


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Good luck with your beautiful arrangement and thank you so much for
helping to support our family business, Fort Cross!

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