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Fort Cross Farm Stand & Nursery

Monday - Sunday by appointment


$25 Potted Lilac 5 gal                  

$45 Potted Lilac 15 gal                 

$25 Potted Raspberry 5 gal          

$25 Potted Trees 5 gal                 

$20 Succulent Varieties 5 gal       

$20 Ground Cover 5 gal               
 $20 Herbs 5 gal                           

$5 Lg 2 Pack Veg Plantlings          
$5 Sm 6 Pack Veg Plantlings        
*availability changes daily          


5 gallon Tree Varieties:
Maple, Poplar, Chinese Pistachio, Liquid Amber, Sycamore,
California Bay Laurel, Manzanita, Deodar Cedar, Arizona Cypress, Aleppo, Incense Cedar,
California Bay Laurel,
Cherry, Pear, Apple, Peach



5 gallon Ground Cover & Herbs:
Snow Berries, Rosemary, Lavender, English Ivy, Periwinkle

Please Note:
- There are no restrooms available onsite at this time
- Normal tourism activities are not offered until further notice


Fort Cross is located at 4425 Hwy 78, Santa Ysabel CA 92070
Directly across the street from Julian Station in Wynola

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