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California History

Suggested for 4th grade; 3-4 hour program
Pricing is $12-20 per person for day trip bookings with a 25 student minimum.
Discounts for groups of 76 students or more.

Pricing is $25/student and $15/adult for open sign up days with no group minimum requirement.

Group Coordinator is invited to attend for free, with a 25 student minimum
Group coordinator will also receive up to a $100 gift certificate for personal use to another event!

Some restrictions apply. Inquire for more details!

           From the Rancheros to the 49ers, learn about the early days of California! Take home some treasures!

Adobe Brick Making: An overview of California Missions with hands-on adobe brick making.
Gold Panning and sluicing: Find out how to identify real gold and learn the miner's panning technique.
Music & Hoedown: Folk dancing with jug band participation! One of the ways the town would gather together for some fun!
Tomahawk Throwing: At the end of a long day of hard labor, miners and mountain men would enjoy throwing a few axes.
Native: Overview of Native History

Rope Making & Rope Games: Simple mechanics, some twine, and a little elbow grease is all it takes to make a rope! Then we'll prepare to be cowboys by learning how to lasso! And then we'll see who can win a game of tug o'war!
Mountain Man Camp: Visit the lonely camp with the lean-to shelter and help identify the different furs and hides.
Reptiles: Learn about some native critters and others that were traded from far and wide.

Things to bring:
Picnic Lunch
Closed Toe Shoes
Plenty of Water (potable water available)
Money for Gift Shop
Spirit of Adventure!

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