Pitch a tent or bring your camper! Located on 12 acres near the idyllic and historic town of Julian, famous for pies and old time nostalgia. Fort Cross is a working farm and offers many great activities including Archery, Tomahawk Throwing, Ghost Town Slingshot Range, Petting Zoo, and so much more! Many high rated trails and hikes are located in the surrounding area. 

Our location is great for star gazing, as Julian is apart of the Dark Sky Network. It's not uncommon to see shooting stars and it's a popular destination during meteor showers. 

Basic Camping Package
$45 per campsite. Allows for 2 small tents, or 1 large tent. Up to 4 people per reservation.

Bring your own tent, food, and cooking supplies. We supply firewood for community camp fire (weather permitting), outdoor community kitchen,  and outhouse. 
Most sites allow for your vehicle to park nearby.

On site activities during your stay! 
*Activities may be deferred at this time due to covid-19
Normally $20 per person, but campers receive 10% off!
Archery, Tomahawk Throwing, Ghost Town Slingshot Range, Petting Zoo, Reptile Show, Tire Swings, Lilac Maze, and Walking Trails!
Fairy & Dino Garden Making also available.

Contact us for more info!




Rules for Camping at Fort Cross

-Fort Cross hosts several seasonal festival events, as well as regular activities the rest of the year. Each camper over 3 years old will need to purchase tickets/passes for activities in order for your booking to be approved. 
Weekend activities during the days of covid-19 include archery, tomahawk throwing, and the ghost town slingshot gallery. Normal pricing for packages range from $20-32 per person. Courtesy 10% discount for hipcampers!

-If camping on a night that we are hosting a special evening event, campers must purchase passes for the event. For example, Saturday nights in October we host the Haunted Harvest event.  See website for more information closer to the date.

-Extra $20 per camper/trailer/RV for the first night; Camper/trailer/RV fee reduced to $15 per night if booking for multiple nights. Only camper/trailer/RV under 30 feet permitted. 

-1 vehicle per campsite; $10 for each additional vehicle per night, per campsite.  Extra vehicles are welcome to park in the parking lot on non-special event weekends free of charge. Not all campsites accommodate vehicle parking next to tent; just loading and unloading in those areas. ***If camping during special events (ie: festival weekends including Lilac Festival, Autumn Jubilee, Holiday Hayride), all vehicles (other than camping trailers and RVs) MUST be moved to the parking lot before opening at 10 am each day****

-Please arrive before sunset. We are a rustic location and our area supports the Dark Sky Network to keep stargazing awesome. For that reason, we do not have many lighted areas. So to avoid setting up in total darkness, we ask that you arrive at least an hour before sundown. *Check-ins after 7:00 pm are not accepted.*

-Because of our apple orchard, we maintain a closed gate at night to prevent the deer from coming in and eating our crop. If you are planning to stay, please know that we do not allow cars to go in and out beginning at sundown as we do not want to chance the gate being left open or closed incorrectly. However, you are welcome to drop off your gear at your site and park in the parking lot. There are accessible doorways for people that you can walk through to access the parking lot and beyond. 

-Communal campfire provided, weather permitting. Fire is put out at 10:00 pm.  You are welcome to bring a camp stove.
-As a courtesy to other campers, we ask that there be a "quiet" time between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.

- We are located on farming land! There are a lot of farm friends on the property and on neighboring properties. You may hear animals such as a cow, donkey, goats, and others during your stay here. 

-This one is a bit of a bummer, but due to the fact that we are a family friendly establishment, and have had issues with it in the past, we do not typically allow alcohol on the premises. However, we understand the desire to unwind and have some fun. So if you plan to drink any alcohol, we will allow it only if you do so with discretion at your own campsite. Please do not wander the property with an open container. If you absolutely have to break that rule and risk getting kicked out of here, please do so with a travel thermos instead of a red solo cup. You're not fooling anybody! lol ;)

-Smoking of any kind is prohibited on the property.

-Fort Cross is located right off of Hwy 78 and there are a few really fun businesses located nearby. There are occasionally nights when live music is played throughout the week, and regularly on Friday nights at The Cooler across the street. To find out more about their live music schedule, please check their Facebook page @julianbeercooler for more information. We will try to keep up with the schedule for that on our website calendar as it is made known to us.

-Sorry for all of the rules. We really do look forward to having you with us and hope we can provide a wonderful stay for you!


Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures

4425 Hwy 78, Santa Ysabel CA 92070