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Homeschool Day!
The Native Experience

Open Sign Up!
November 3, 2023
10:00 am - 2:00 pm; Check-in at 9:40 am

Learn about the cultures of Native American tribes through the eyes of the pioneers and westward explorers! Some tribes in the surrounding area include the Cahuilla and the Kumeyaay, who were native to the land that Fort Cross now rests on. 

Bead Necklace Making: Learn about the importance of jewelry and make a bead necklace. Yours to keep! 
Archery: Would you make a good warrior hunter?
Tomahawk Throwing: A common tool, but we will be using these little axes for some fun target practice!

Spear Toss: It takes great precision and strength to hit your target with a spear. How hard do you think it will be? How much practice in order to master this hunting technique? We will be practicing with long sticks instead of sharpened spears. 
Native Village: Wikkiup building with Yucca Weaving, corn grinding, and hide identification. Gain a new perspective on native life through the eyes of a mountain man.
Nature Walk: Learn about the plant and animal life in our area of California. Find out their uses and how to identify them!

Animals & Reptiles: Learn about some of the native animals that were important to know about. 


Gift Shop will be open!

This is a hands-on educational field trip and fun for kids of all ages, as well as adults!

Open Sign-up Prices:
(no group minimum requirement)

$25 per child aged 4 - 17
$15 per adult aged 18+
Kids 3 and under are free to attend, but may not be participating in all activities offered.

Groups of 25 students or more are eligible for student pricing of $20 or less.
Inquire for more info!

     If you have a group of 25 students or more, and would like to schedule your own day for a field trip of your choice at a lower rate, please feel free to contact us! 
     Field trip program information available here!

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