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Our Projects 

These are our future projects we are working on to bring you an experience of a lifetime! Follow us on Facebook to see updates as they happen, then come back here to see side by side before & after photos.

Chicken Coop

Who doesn't love chickens?! They not only provide 2 forms of food, but they create great compost for our farm and future demonstration gardens. And they're a hoot for entertainment! 
As soon as construction is complete, we'll be able to house around 10 chickens that will provide around 1 dozen eggs per week, as well as some much needed organic insect control.

Goat Pen

This is the "easier" one of our projects. Of course we need to find some great goats to fill it up with. But once we do, you'll love how wonderfully friendly they are (especially when you have food for them).

Working Farm & Orchard

This is our most extensive and difficult project. Our plans? A large variety of vegetables, espaliered fruit trees, berries, demonstrations gardens, etc. We can't forget to mention that once we get it up and running, we'll have more events and classes centered around farm life... past, present & future. 

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