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Peter Rabbit Adventure!

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Come along with Mr. McGregor as you learn about his farm, while following along with the story of the naughty bunny! We'll also find out some interesting info about Beatrix Potter, the author of this classic children's tale.
Great for kids of all ages!



-"Gathering Blackberries" (blackberry inspired craft to keep!) : Depending on the weather, we will either be making ice cream with blackberry jam topping, or enjoying blackberry jam on bread with a glass of milk.... Just like the story!

-Petting Zoo : Visit Mr. McGregor's farm animals

-Farming : Tend the garden under Mr. McGregor's tutelage. Plant a seed of your own to take home and grow!

-Games : Play a team building rabbit game!

-Slingshots : Fun at the slingshot range developing skills to keep garden varmints at bay.

-Jug Band & Hoedown : Because it's a long day of working on the farm, we'll treat ourselves to some jug band fun with some lively folk dancing. Social etiquette lesson included by way of an entertaining skit. Prizes involved!