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Homeschool Day
Julian Homestead

Open Sign Up

April 25, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Facebook Contest happening now until April 17!
Enter to win free passes for your family for the Julian Homestead Field Trip on April 25! Also included are farm fresh soap, artisan candle, and an old west costumed photography session!

    After a long journey headed west, it's time to settle in and work the farm! 
With no modern conveniences available nearby, we need to be self sufficient if we're going to make it on our own! 
Julian's homesteading history began in the mid 1800's, and the property of Fort Cross is chalk full of genuine stories of that early settler time. Every activity station will include real stories from the history of the surrounding area, and important people from Julian's past. 
Click here to see photos of what to expect during a typical Julian Homestead Tour!


- Hayride: with old fashioned folk song sing alongs 

- Hoedown: Folk dancing with jug band participation

- Old Time Games: Walking on stilts, tug-o-war, hoops & sticks, game of graces, gunnysack race (time restraints may limit how many games are played)

- Frontier Chores: Laundry, gathering sticks for the fire, dough rolling, and butter making the old fashioned way! Candle dipping, too! Yours to keep!

- Farming: Plowing and gardening. Plant a seed to take home!

- Petting Zoo: Visit our animals and learn about the important role that farm animals played in early California frontier life.

- Craft: Make an old fashioned toy such as a corn husk doll or whirligig! 

Remember to bring:
Sack Lunch
Change of Clothes (just in case)
Plenty of Water
Spirit of Adventure!

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