Holiday Hayride FAQ

- What are the hours of the Holiday Hayride Event on Nov 30 and Dec 1?
10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Gates open at 9:45 am for check-in.


- Can I purchase individual activities?
-Only on a case by case basis. This past fall was very busy at times and we did end up having to turn away walk-up purchases because of the high volume of purchases. It is very strongly recommended to purchase activity packages online ahead of time to guarantee availability for participating at all.
-If we have not sold out on activity packages, then we will make the petting zoo, ornament making, and candle dipping available for $5 per person. Children 3 and under are free to accompany a paying adult into the petting zoo.
-Is it required for children under 12 to be accompanied by a paying adult into the areas for hayride, petting zoo, and reptile show. If we are sold out on activity packages, we will make these areas available for 1 adult from each group to purchase the required tickets for $5 each. 
-There's also Fairy & Dinosaur Garden Making that is priced at $15, $20, and $25. This activity is only offered if there is staff available to assist.

- Do you offer a military discount? 
Yes! Active military and first responder personnel receive 20% off activity package pricing for themselves and their immediate family (spouse and children only please) up to a total of 4 people. If you purchase online, please show us your military ID upon arrival and you will be refunded the difference to your account.
Discount not valid for individual activities, including Fairy & Dinosaur Garden Making. 
*Please note: this discount may be discontinued, as some people have been taking advantage of it in inappropriate ways. We apologize if this ends up happening. 

- Can I show up to participate in the activities that I’ve purchased anytime throughout the day?
No; the reservation times that you can purchase are available at the top of each hour until 3:00 pm.
Please check in at least 15 min before your start time. 

We have online reservations available for you to have a more organized experience with less chaos. Although we base our staffing on prepaid ticket sales and we do prefer that you purchase a time slot ahead of time online, we will do our very best to accommodate walk-in purchases.

- Do I need to purchase activities online or can I show up and purchase activities when I arrive?
It is very strongly recommended to purchase online ahead of time to guarantee availability. We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins, but we have had to turn people away in the past.
Our staffing is based on prepaid tickets.

- How long will it take to complete the activities in each package?
The Festival Package will take approximately 2 hours to complete. 
The Adventure Package usually take about 45 minutes to an hour. 

- Do I have to pay for activities if I just want to walk around?
At this time, no. You are welcome to enjoy the property at no cost. 


- Can I purchase activities for my kids and let them do them by themselves?
Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult in order to participate in the Festival Package activities. Adult supervision is extremely important at all times.
Adult purchase is not required for a child to participate in the Adventure Package, but they must be accompanied.


- I have young children, do I have to pay for them?
One child 3 years old and younger is free to accompany each paying adult. This will give them access into the petting zoo, reptile show, jug band show, and hayride.
Although the candle dipping and ornament making would not be included for them, the parent will usually allow their accompanying child to take their place for those activities.


- Are the activities only for kids?

Definitely not! The Festival Activity Package is intended for all ages. The Adventure Package (archery, tomahawk throwing, slingshots) is intended for anyone able to operate and hold the equipment properly; usually elementary aged kids and adults.


- Is the property wheelchair accessible?

There are no stairs to hinder a wheelchair, however there are some inclines throughout the property with rugged terrain that may be difficult for a wheelchair to get through.


- Are dogs allowed?

Woohoo yes! We love puppies of all ages. You already know they need to be on a leash, but please feel free to bring them! Except in the petting zoo and reptile show… Please do not bring them in there (duh). 
If they are able to fit on your lap, and there is no danger of them jumping out, then they can come with you on the hayride. 


- Is there food available for purchase?
We will have snacks and drinks for sale, but if you are interested in eating a meal then there are plenty of choices within walking distance of Fort Cross! Across the street is the new eatery called Colts Burger Bar. A few lots over, there is
Wynola Pizza & Bistro, as well as Jeremy's on the Hill
You are also more than welcome to bring lunch and picnic on the grass or at one of the picnic tables.

- What is your cancellation policy?
All sales are final. Purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable for this event.
The event is scheduled to happen rain or shine with activities subject to change. Most of the activities are available in areas with shelter overhead. 

- Are there exceptions to the cancelation policy regarding covid-19?
The only exception to the cancellation policy is if the county shuts down our business due to covid-19. Because of our outdoor venue classification, we do not anticipate being closed, even within the purple tier category in place. However, if we are forced to shut down, your payment will be transferred to another event.

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