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Farm Tour Adventure 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We've purchased our tickets and are running late, can we show up anytime during the event?
A: No, I'm sorry. Check-in is 15 minutes before the event begins, so please be at the entrance no later than then. Activity tour starts promptly at the scheduled time, so everyone must be parked and ready 15 minutes prior.
Due to staff availability,
gate closes before tour starts and there is no late entry.

Q: I have some in my group that would like to attend, but not participate. Do they need to pay for them as well?
A: Yes, everyone in the group age 4 years and older will be required to purchase a spot in order to attend. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we limit ticket sales so that everyone can enjoy the activities without feeling overcrowded. 

Q: Are we allowed to pick which activities we want to do during the activity tour, or is it guided?
A: The activity tour is guided and on a schedule. We limit ticket sales to make it a more comfortable experience for everyone. If we sell out, then we divide the overall group in half, with one half of the group to check-in going to the Adventure area (archery, tomahawk throwing, slingshot gallery), before switching with the other half of the group at the petting zoo and reptile area.
If you have friends joining you that have purchased separately and did not arrive with you, please let us know when you check in, so that we can do our best to keep you together during the activity tour.

Q: It says that kids under 4 are free to accompany, but would not be participating in the archery, tomahawk throwing, or slingshot gallery. Is there something to do during that time?
A: Yes, we have a Mountain Man Camp play area within the Adventure area where kids are welcome to play. Just outside the Adventure area, there is
 also a tire swing, slide, and balance beam that everyone seems to enjoy.

Q: Is it okay to drop my kids off to do the activities on their own?
A: For the Farm Tour Adventure, everyone under 16 years old must be accompanied by a responsible party that's at least 18 years old.

Q: What kind of farm animals do you have?
A: As of December 2023, there are bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, guinea fowl, pot-bellied pigs, and a rooster. Occasionally, baby goats are born. We regularly allow responsible guests to lovingly touch all of the animals, and sometimes even pick the goats up when they're young. 

Q: What kind of reptiles do you have?
A: As of December 2023, we have quite a few reptiles! A variety of snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, and a few others!

Q: Can we picnic on the property?
A: Most likely, yes! If you have purchased tickets for the activity tour, you are welcome to picnic on the property up to 30 minutes after your activities. 

Q: If we need to cancel due to illness or for other reasons, can we get a refund or transfer to another date?
A: No, I'm sorry. All sales are final. We recommend selling your reservation to someone else. All they would need to check in is the order number and purchaser's name.

Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Yes, leashed dogs are allowed on the property. But for the safety of everyone, dogs will not be allowed in the animal and reptile area. 

Q: Do you offer military discount?
A: Yes! Show us your military ID upon check-in (current and former service members), and we will refund you 20% back to your account for up to 4 people, per purchase.

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